Street Lawyer Foundation -  Expungement Program

Street Lawyer Foundation - Expungement Program

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Lonny The Street Lawyer and the SLS team are dedicated to supporting the cannabis community that has been in prisoned and convicted with marijuana related drug charges when it is no longer illegal in their jurisdictions. The Street Lawyer Foundation is expunging and sealing case records for people who are eligible in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. These records can now be expunged but many people do not know how to begin the process or have the means to afford an attorney. Past felony records stop many convicted people from getting fair housing and obtaining jobs. 

Lonny The Street Lawyer has self-funded this foundation and there will be NO charge to clients for our expungement services. Please support us in taking on more cases in new jurisdictions where cannabis consumption, personal use, and or distribution is no longer a felony!